Manufactured Hydraulic Cylinder for the Mining Industry

At Hanner Machine, we specialize in all aspects of hydraulic cylinders; our capabilities include a complete manufacturing facility that is equipped specifically to manufacture hydraulic cylinders and equipment. Because of this focus, we possess a great deal of insight into cylinder construction methods, and can select processes that will enhance performance in any given application.

Our almost 40 years of experience in this field are exemplified in the project highlighted here. This hydraulic cylinder was manufactured for a mining application. Because of the environment it required robust construction and features that would allow it to perform flawlessly.

The finished cylinder was manufactured with an outside diameter of 7.50"; it has a stroke of 20.00", a retracted and extended length of 30.50" and 50.50" respectively. Every cylinder that we manufacture is subject to stringent quality measures and testing to ensure that all customer specifications are met. For more information on all of our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly.

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Manufactured Hydraulic Cylinder Project Highlights

Product Name
Hydraulic Cylinder
Product Name
Overall Part Dimensions
OD: Ø 7.50"
Width: 11.50"
Retracted Length: 30.50"
Extended Length: 50.50"
Stroke: 20.00"
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
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